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i just watched Crash for the first time. i was resistant to watching it - i couldn't tell you the reason because i don't believe there was one. maybe my unconscious not wanting to "go there".

anyway. the long and short of it is that the movie really hit home for me tonight that what other people do is NOT about me. in the four agreements book, miguels says something to the effect of - if someone walks up and shoots you on the street, don't take it personally, it really wasn't about you.

that was an extreme example that i didn't truly understand until after watching Crash.

in the Mastery of Love, he talks about never being good enough for ourselves. i wonder how many of us fall into that. we're here, we're reading and trying each day to be compassionate and have integrity and not judge others and not take things personally - but how often do we feel like we let ourselves down because we're just not good enough yet?

i'm noticing it's daily. every day i say - well, i slipped up there. i could have handled that situation better. sometimes i even get a little depressed that i'm just not as good or perfect as i'm striving to be.

usually i try to let yesterday be yesterday. or this morning was this morning. and it is getting easier - but it's still there in the back of my mind. even as i write this - why can't i be more loving, tolerant, etc.

tomorrow is another day. and in a moment, i will be a new person.

watching the crash
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