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The 4 Agreements

Be Impeccable With Your Word

I guess this is the one I have the most trouble with at times, not in regards to others, that I manage ok... but more in regards to my word on or about me, myself... how I view myself, speak about myself, how I think and feel...

I know I need to be more positive, have more self confidence and belief, trust in myself and my judgement and decisions, stop second guessing myself, and kicking myself over past choices or decisions (or lack of)

I know like anyone, I am not perfect, but like everyone else out there I still have my good points, and I know, deep down, that the good by far outweighs any bad... and now is the time to not just keep saying that and reminding myself of that, but to actually listen and start believing it...

I don't want to totally silence that negative, doubting voice that's there in my mind, cause I do believe it can help us and do some good, bring to light some areas of ourselves that need work and improvement... but its definitely time to get it under control, keep a lid on it, and put all its words into context...

That old style mantra of "I am ok, I am worthy, I am special" etc etc may sound a little cheesy, but it is something we do all need to keep reminding ourselves at times...

So, for the next period working forward, I am going to work on what I say, stopping and examining it before I say it or type it or send it or whatever... and make sure the word is not only impeccable and good towards others, but myself as well *S*

Oh and if any of you see me slipping into old habits, feel free to give me a poke or a kick up the backside or whatever lol
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