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Okay...all I have to say is WOW....have to think about that one.

When you absolutely know the person is wrong, out of line, rude, being unfair, the whole situation is unjust or just plain evil. When there is no doubt in your mind you are right. Look at the Nazis you certainly can't just stand by and do nothing. Or what about big corporations that are raping the land just for profit and leaving the land uninhabitable? It is just wrong that they are destroying our way of life.
There certainly are convincing arguments that there is a great deal of injustice in the world. And how does 'knowing' that make you feel? Does being right about those things generate feelings of inner peace and love? Do you sleep better when you view the world that way?
What if, instead of judging what is you just accepted the events without attaching emotions to them? Let them just be events. What if you viewed everything as an opportinunity for spirits to come together and experience the results of their filter system? What if you simply decided to be happy - instead of being right you chose to be happy? Chances are the actions you take will be more fruitful and generate more peace and love for you and those around you.
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Life is but a dream - sweet dreams!
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